Promptchan AI is a free-to-use AI art generator specializing in creating, editing, and customizing AI-generated images of girls and characters across various styles, offering privacy, commercial use rights, and community engagement, optimized for both mobile and desktop platforms.

Key Features of Promptchan AI:

  1. Advanced models for creating AI-generated images of girls, waifus, or girlfriends, with a focus on high detail and customization according to user preferences.
  2. Users can upload or select reference images to create AI characters in various scenarios and styles, making character creation accessible and versatile.
  3. An Edit mode allows for precise tweaks and modifications to AI-generated images, enhancing the customization and refinement of the final output.
  4. Access to over 2 million AI-generated images and videos from the community, with the option to clone and modify any piece of art.
  5. An intuitive feature that enables users to pose their AI characters in any desired manner, simplifying the creation process for specific scenarios or compositions.
  6. Offers a variety of art styles, including realistic, anime, and artistic, catering to diverse artistic preferences.
  7. Promoted as the fastest, most stable AI Art Generator, minimizing wait times for generating complex images.
  8. With specific guidelines and a sign-up requirement to access, ensuring a controlled environment for adult content creation.

Accessibility and Pricing:

  • Multilingual Support: Available in English, Japanese, German, Simplified Chinese, and Spanish.
  • Free Tier: Includes a complimentary start with 20 Gems and the ability to earn up to 30 Gems daily, with options for upgraded membership tiers (Plus, Premium, Pro) for enhanced features and more Gems.

Promptchan features

Promptchan features

Promptchan software

Promptchan software

Pros & Cons


Utilizes cutting-edge AI technology to generate high-quality images of AI girls and characters, allowing for detailed customization.

Offers a diverse array of art styles, including anime, cinematic, and artistic.

Provides a free tier with the innovative use of "Gems" as currency, allowing users to generate multiple AI images without initial cost.

Generated images can be used for commercial purposes, providing flexibility for professional projects.


The ability to generate AI images, especially of people, raises ethical concerns regarding consent and the potential creation of misleading or harmful content.

While it offers basic editing and customization, it may not replace the depth of tools available in professional graphic design software.

Software Trial


Free Version


Licensing Type


Starting Price

Price Type

  • Flat Rate


  • USD ($)


  • Monthly

Promptchan Software Features

AI Image Enhancement Tools Features

  • colorizing black and white images

Artificial Intelligence Features

  • Decision Making
  • Image Recognition
  • Machine Learning
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Workflow Automation

Graphic Design Features

  • Image Editor


  • Cloud Hosted


  • Web-Based
  • iPhone/iPad
  • Android
  • Windows
  • Mac


  • Email


  • Online Help

Promptchan Pricing

Pricing yet to be updated!

Software Category

AI Image Enhancement Tools Artificial Intelligence Graphic Design


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