The corporate world has long grappled with fundamental challenges and is always on the verge of evolution, staying ahead of technological fusions. However, these challenges shake the roots of organizations if they are not handled productively. Adapting to newer techniques and tools means guiding employees so they can work with finesse. 

Many firms struggle to meet ongoing demands even after analyzing the latest corporate trends because they fail to provide proper training. You don’t want to fall into this category. That’s where corporate learning management systems come into the picture. They paint an artistic canvas of collaboration, training, and efficiency, cultivating productivity in businesses. 

These platforms are laced with top-notch tools and services, ensuring employees receive the right amount of training at the right time. On top of our list are BranchTrack and Skillsoft, two pioneers in the LMS realm. These systems harness excellence in understanding all the nuances of the corporate world and deliver the best learning experiences for all.

Let’s take a step closer to understanding corporate LMS tools, their benefits and much more. 

What Is a Corporate LMS?

First, let’s explore the definition of LMS. A learning management system is a unified platform comprising tools and services to create innovative and engaging learning experiences. It shapes modern learning pathways for learners by delivering well-crafted education and training programs and tracking and reporting learners' progress along the way. 

As for the corporate LMS, it is specifically built to meet corporate demands by featuring employee training programs, compliance training, skills development and leadership development programs. Incorporating one in an organization means getting a step closer to polishing employee’s skills and boosting the firm’s productivity and employee efficiency. 

A comprehensive tool encompasses various aspects, including content delivery, tracking, skills development, and compliance training, along with assessment and performance measurement. Essentially, it streamlines the entire learning process, breeding productivity in employees. 

Why Should You Get One?

Now that you know what a corporate LMS is, let’s explore the specifics. You might wonder why you need one. There is no need to fry your brain or spend a hefty amount on hiring professionals for employee training. Having one can be a game-changer, boosting productivity throughout your firm with minimal effort and expenditure. 

Here are some key points explaining why you should incorporate an LMS program. 

  • A meaningful corporate LMS tool embodies success, elevating confidence and impairing decision-making. 
  • These tools help teams excel at what they do by empowering them to attain sustainability. 
  • They deliver exclusive training on the latest trends and technology so employees can work flawlessly. 
  • LMS tools provide incentives to employees, encouraging them to take their skills up the notch. 
  • It acts as a single source of truth, ensuring employees get access to standardized content to prevent miscommunication. 
  • Managers can benefit from an LMS as it offers an opportunity to evaluate employee performance through follow-up quizzes, etc.
  • Corporate LMS eventually leads to fewer compliance headaches. 
  • Most importantly, it means consistent and fast-paced growth backed by increased ROI and a minimal cost. 

It’s time to delve into the exciting part of this constructive guide; BranchTrack and Skillsoft analysis. 

BranchTrack LMS at Your Disposal

Woven by an intricate pattern of compliance and authoring tools bundled with digital scenarios, BranchTrack slays. It is by far the most extensive employee training program equipped with simulation know-how, which turns rough pages into art with critical thinking. Its unmatched wizardry, coupled with innovative scenario-based e-learning, takes things up the notch for firms. Also, presenting learners with real-time solutions turns heads and takes employees’ skills up a notch. 

The Integrals: Why BranchTrack LMS?

You might wonder why BranchTrack. This feature-rich simulation tool is compatible with all eLearning authoring tools, which is its scoring point. Emphasizing simplicity, BranchTrack LMS is easy to learn and quick to use. Above all, it is mobile-ready and SCORM-compliant. If its simulation capability isn’t enough to compel you, let’s have a look at its feature portfolio. 

  • Embed In Authoring Tools
  • Scenario Creation
  • Visual Storytelling
  • Analytics
  • Versatile Scoring
  • Voice-over
  • Browser-based Editor
  • Built-in Image Library
  • Free Text-replies
  • Voice-over
  • Single Sign-on

These features are available in all the cost plans of BranchTrack. The cherry on top is some additional specs that can also change the learning game for good. Those are:

  • Classes™ 
  • Insights™ 
  • Team Collaboration
  • License Management
  • Forced Password Policies
  • SLA

The Scoring Point: Real-time Learning

With its simulation functionality, BranchTrack provides users an opportunity to benefit from real-time scenarios. Your employees can add voice-overs, personalized training material, and much more to the existing scenarios for a compelling and meaningful learning experience. Here’s the catch: BranchTrack LMS provides multiple sample simulation tutorials so you can know what you are getting yourself into beforehand. 

Pros and Cons: A Thorough Assessment

You must conduct a detailed assessment before you commit to any software, and BranchTrack LMS is not beyond that. We carried out a thorough analysis of the vendor's user feedback to decipher if it was worth investing in. Here’s what we grasped from the reviews:


  • It enhances learner engagement with interactive and appealing simulations that promote active participation. 
  • Allowing for customization, BranchTrack encourages employees to bring the best out of themselves. 
  • The scenario editor works wonders by creating intuitive and user-friendly scenarios.
  • Its built-in image library is the talk of the town because it allows clients to transform scenarios to their liking. 
  • Users laud its mobile compatibility so they can access data regardless of their location.
  • It bridges the learning and performance gap by putting real scenarios into play and tracking learning performance.


  • Getting started with BranchTrack requires intense training, as the simulation program is a hard nut to crack. 
  • Its cost range is above the budget line of small and medium-sized businesses. 

Skillsoft LMS at Your Disposal

With employee development at its core, Skillsoft serves as a compact learning management system for businesses. With this aesthetically pleasing platform, you can close any skill gaps your employees are facing. Skillsoft LMS plays a key role in the business arena, ensuring compliance, lowering risk probability, and polishing the leadership skills of teams for user-friendly Skillsoft pricing. With its unmatched artistry, you can transform your employees' vision, nurturing a healthier and livelier workspace.

The Integrals: Why Skillsoft LMS?

Skillsoft LMS harnesses the power of advanced technological inventions, which is a must in this digital era. Corporations rely on this vendor to cultivate future-ready skills in their employees. The system’s training programs allow businesses to flourish and enhance employee growth. Reinvent the way you train your employees with the AI coach for business conversations. 

  • Adaptive Learning
  • Certifications
  • Skillsoft Percipio
  • Codecademy
  • Leadership Development And Business Skills
  • Instructor-led Training
  • Extensive Course Library
  • 24-7 Content Access
  • Out-of-the-box Reporting
  • Digital Badges
  • Personalized Homepage

As the feature range shows, Skillsoft offers a range of services at affordable prices. Users claim it doesn’t even cost much, considering its impact on employee development and business scalability in the long run. Also, it scores the ground with its AI functionality, nurturing intelligent learning experiences. 

Pros and Cons: A Thorough Investment

Just like BranchTrack LMS, we assessed and evaluated Skillsoft's pros and cons to determine if it's worth investing in. The user feedback shines a light on its resilience, agility and customizability. Employees adore this platform for it adds to their decision-making skills. Below is the crux of the review assessment. 


  • Skillsoft has a very responsive support team, which adds to the quality of learning experiences. 
  • Its gigantic course library tends to vast learning needs and creates customized learning pathways for all learners. 
  • It ensures scalability for businesses of all sizes, even enterprises.
  • The system seamlessly integrates with impactful HR and talent management platforms for improved outcomes.
  • Learners can construct personalized course paths. 
  • Employees can choose from a range of courses and can even save some for future reference. 


  • Skillsoft pricing structure is not ideal for small businesses.
  • As per the users, its user interface is less intuitive.

The Scoring Point: Course Diversity

Skillsoft offers a great range of services, which makes its pricing worth it. Its course range is divided into three categories that are as follows:

Leadership and Business Development: Comprises 41 subjects and 1102 courses

Compliance: Comprises 38 subjects and 2747 courses 

Technology and Developer: Comprises 67 subjects and 7151 courses

Besides this, you will get the definite opportunity to customize the courses to make them fit your organizational requirements, which is a plus. 

Conclusive Remarks

It turns out that LMS is a must-have for businesses to attain success and sustainability. These tools upskill employees, develop leadership skills, guide them through compliance and regulations, etc., minimizing risk and liabilities while generating more return. 

If you look at BranchTrack LMS, it is based on digital simulations and has the magic skill of course authoring up its sleeves. As for Skillsoft, it is nothing like BranchTrack. This LMS stems from the root cause of employee training, presenting a digital yet impactful training module but doesn’t offer scenario-based plans. 

Skillsoft is your best resort if you seek content depth and immersive learning experiences. BranchTrack allows for interactive learning experiences driven by real-time scenarios as it's a digital sim platform. Assess your requirements and make the right call for your firm. 

Pave the way and unlock your workforce’s full potential. Success is yours!

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