UpLead is a powerful B2B prospecting tool that helps businesses build high-quality prospecting lists with a 95% data accuracy guarantee. It enables users to find and connect with the right leads, uncovering valuable contact information and other critical data points. With UpLead, you can streamline your sales efforts, save time, and close more deals.

Detailed Information about what features they provide:

  1. Prospector: Choose from over 50 search filters to identify qualified leads in real time.
  2. Email Verification: Ensure data accuracy by verifying emails in real time when you export leads.
  3. Bulk Lookup: Find 40+ data points for thousands of leads at once and export them to your CRM.
  4. Data Enrichment: Append over 50 data points to your lists of contacts and companies, enhancing your existing data.
  5. Intent Data: Identify prospects actively looking for your solution, giving you a competitive advantage.

Pros & Cons


UpLead is praised for its high-quality contact data and its commitment to data accuracy. Users appreciate that the contacts are thoroughly screened for accuracy.

The platform is effective in generating leads, making it a valuable tool for businesses seeking potential prospects.

UpLead offers real-time email verification, ensuring that the email addresses are valid and reducing bounce rates.

Users like the extensive selection of search filters, which allow them to find leads based on specific demographics, company sizes, and other criteria.

Users can easily modify saved searches to target specific geographical areas or other parameters, making lead generation more efficient.

Users have reported that leads downloaded with the "valid-only" selection are nearly 100% valid, reducing wasted effort on bad data.


In some cases, the accuracy of a contact's position or employment is mentioned as a minor concern. While UpLead ensures data accuracy, discrepancies may still occur and require additional research.

Some users suggest that UpLead could offer more flexible pricing options or more affordable plans, especially for users with lower volume needs.

One user had a less-than-ideal onboarding experience and felt that the salesperson didn't ask the right questions about credit needs. Improvements in the onboarding process may be beneficial.

While generally affordable, one user suggests that UpLead could consider offering a more affordable unlimited leads program for small business owners.

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