Tailornova is a online fashion design software that revolutionizes the way you create fashion designs. With Tailornova, you can effortlessly design, customize, and visualize your fashion creations in stunning 3D, all while getting tailor-made patterns within seconds. Whether you're a DIY sewing enthusiast, a fashion student, a clothing boutique owner, or a professional designer, Tailornova caters to your design needs, making fashion design accessible and efficient.

Tailornova Features:

  • Tailornova offers smart templates that generate billions of original designs and patterns in seconds. These templates are fully customizable to fit any size, shape, or height.
  • Create your own lifelike 3D FitModel by inputting your measurements. This model allows for the automatic creation and customization of designs and made-to-measure patterns, providing precision and ease.
  • Easily modify the length of your designs with a single click, and preview all components required for your fashion and pattern designs, including 2D sketches and custom-fit patterns.

Few Tailornova's Features Are Coming Soon:

  • True-to-Life 3D Garment Simulation: Experience the future of fashion with instant 3D garment simulations, eliminating the steep learning curve and high costs associated with traditional 3D design software.
  • E-commerce Integration : Seamlessly integrate Tailornova with e-commerce platforms, XR Smart Mirrors, CAD, CAM, PLMs, and on-demand manufacturing factories, streamlining the production and sales processes.

Pros & Cons


Tailornova offers a wide range of design options for users to choose from.

Users find the patterns easy to understand.

sers can narrow down and customize designs to some extent.

Sewing instructions are available, although they may sometimes disappear.


The software is reported to be slow, with buffering and freezing issues when selecting designs.

Users have found that the 3D images do not accurately match the technical sketches, causing confusion.

The selection of designs can be inaccurate, with discrepancies between what is displayed in the 3D image and the user's selection.

According to the review, the software is not yet consumer-ready, and improvements are needed.

Users are required to subscribe to access the 3D image feature, which may not always be accurate or available.

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Tailornova Software Features

Fashion Design Features

  • CAD Tools
  • Color Matching
  • Design Database
  • Design Export
  • Fabric Matching
  • Pattern Design
  • Pattern Grading


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  • Documentation
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