NovelAI is a monthly subscription service that utilizes AI to assist users in authoring stories, generating images, and exploring creative writing with various features and pricing tiers.

Key Features:

  1. Image Generation: Users can visualize characters and moments in their stories using AI-powered image models, including Anime Art AI.
  2. Text Adventure Module: Offers open-ended text-based adventures or adventures with predefined options.
  3. Theme Editor: Allows customization of fonts, sizes, and color schemes for the writing environment.
  4. Privacy: Ensures that only the user can access and read their stored stories, which are encrypted for security.
  5. AI Modules: Users can choose specific themes or emulate famous writers to steer their writing direction.
  6. Lorebook: A tool to create and manage fictional worlds, characters, and rules for storytelling.
Pricing TierFeaturesMonthly Cost (USD)
Paper (Free Trial)AI Storyteller, Limited Text Generations, 6144 Memory Tokens, 100 Free TTS GenerationsFree
TabletAI Storyteller, Unlimited Text Generations, 3072 Memory Tokens, 1000 Anlas (Currency), Advanced AI TTS, Image Generation$10
ScrollAI Storyteller, Unlimited Text Generations, 6144 Memory Tokens, 1000 Anlas (Currency), Advanced AI TTS, Image Generation$15
OpusAI Storyteller, Unlimited Text Generations, 8192 Memory Tokens, 10,000 Anlas (Currency), Experimental Features, Advanced AI TTS, Unlimited** Image Generations$25

NovelAI reviews

NovelAI reviews

NovelAI features

NovelAI features

Pros & Cons


NovelAI offers AI-assisted authorship, making it easier for users to create stories, literature, and other content with the help of advanced algorithms.

Users can visualize characters and scenes with powerful image models, including Anime Art AI, enhancing storytelling capabilities.

It allows users to customize their writing space, including fonts, sizes, and color schemes, making it a personalized writing environment.

Stories stored on NovelAI servers are encrypted, ensuring that only the user can access and read their content, enhancing data security.


The AI has a token limitation, which could restrict the length and complexity of stories that users can generate.

While AI can assist in generating content, it may not always produce the same quality or creativity as human authors.

Software Trial

7 Days

Free Version


Licensing Type


Starting Price

Price Type

  • Per User


  • USD ($)


  • Monthly

NovelAI Software Features

AI & Machine Learning Features

  • adapting to the user's input to maintain perspective and style
  • artificial intelligence algorithms
  • generate human-like text
  • natural language processing

Creative Writing Tools Features

  • AI-assisted authorship that caters to various genres
  • crafting unique stories
  • seductive romances
  • thrilling tales

Educational Technology Features

  • educational resource
  • explore new writing styles and genres
  • tool for creative writing
  • writing skills

Digital Storytelling Features

  • making it a comprehensive tool for digital storytelling
  • stories with image generation features

Privacy & Security Features

  • securely stored and encrypted
  • user privacy


  • Cloud Hosted


  • Web-Based
  • iPhone/iPad
  • Android
  • Windows
  • Mac


  • Email


  • Blogs
  • Help Guides
  • Online Help
  • Support Center
  • Videos

NovelAI Pricing

NovelAI Pricing

*Check the current pricing on NovelAI's website.

Software Category

AI & Machine Learning Creative Writing Tools Digital Storytelling Educational Technology Privacy & Security


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