GovWin IQ is a powerful software solution designed to help businesses excel in government contracting. It offers a competitive edge by providing valuable insights and tools to manage opportunities, streamline bid processes, and plan strategically. Whether you're a seasoned government contractor or new to the game, GovWin IQ can make your path to success smoother and more efficient.

Let's Talk about the features of the GovWin

GovWin IQ allows you to identify and track government contract opportunities at the federal and state/local levels. It provides detailed information on upcoming contracts, enabling you to stay ahead of the competition.

With GovWin IQ, you can streamline the bidding process. It offers templates, contract data, and a comprehensive database of past awards to help you prepare competitive proposals quickly and efficiently.

Stay informed with in-depth research and reports on the federal and state/local government markets. This information empowers you to make informed decisions and adjust your strategies accordingly.

Access a wide range of sample contracts, helping you understand the format and requirements of government contracts. This feature aids in your contract preparation and compliance efforts.

Pros & Cons


Customers appreciate the wealth of information provided by GovWin IQ, making it easy to access details on various government contracts and opportunities.

Users find value in the ability to track projected opportunities long term. The daily emails, called "intellisearch," keep them updated on released bids and bid updates, ensuring they don't miss out on potential opportunities.

Businesses can connect multiple employees to their firm profiles, allowing them to share searches and research related to opportunities. This collaborative aspect is useful for teams working on capturing government contracts.

GovWin IQ provides comprehensive contract information, client data, and information about incumbents. This data is crucial for businesses in their contract capture efforts.

Customers are excited about the potential integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into the offering, which could further enhance the software's capabilities.


Some users find it difficult to search for specific opportunities or contracts, especially when they lack certain background information. This can make searching more challenging.

Learning how to tailor opportunity searches can be a bit tricky, which might make it harder for new users.

GovWin IQ offers so much information that some users feel overwhelmed. It can be hard to manage all the data.

Some users are confused by the different products offered by Deltek, and it's not always clear which product comes from Deltek. This can make it confusing to navigate.

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