Condeco is a leading workplace management software solution designed to optimize your office space and enhance your office experience. With features for workspace and meeting room booking, visitor management, and more, Condeco ensures that your workplace operates efficiently and seamlessly.

Here are some of the great features of Condeco that make it a great application to work on

Workspace Booking: Condeco offers a user-friendly platform for booking workspaces anytime, anywhere. Whether you need a desk or personal workspace, the software makes it easy to find and reserve the space you require.

Meeting Room Booking: With Condeco, you can effortlessly book meeting rooms directly from Microsoft Outlook using their Smart Calendar add-in. This streamlines the process, making it quicker and more convenient for all employees.

Visitor Management: Condeco provides a comprehensive visitor management system to welcome guests into your workplace. It offers an end-to-end experience, ensuring that visitors are efficiently and securely managed.

Certified Secure Software: Condeco is built on proven and secure technology, backed by Microsoft. It is recognized as a safe, industry-leading solution, providing peace of mind for users and organizations.

Pros & Cons


Users appreciate that Condeco offers both a browser and app for finding, booking, and working with office spaces. It's easy to book offices, desks, and even portions of the day, making it flexible for their needs.

Condeco allows users to see the names of colleagues they'll be sitting near or around, which makes it easy to find and collaborate with others in the office.

The software includes a daily check-in and check-out feature, helping users keep track of their workspace usage.

Condeco's integration with Microsoft Outlook for meeting room bookings is a significant advantage, streamlining the process and making it efficient for users.

It simplifies desk booking, enabling users to choose where they want to sit, ensuring a comfortable and efficient workspace.


Users have expressed a desire for more features in the app, such as the ability to view colleague locations when booking a space. This limitation requires pre-planning when wanting to sit near colleagues, and it's only possible through the browser version.

Some users find the graphical user interface (GUI) of Condeco to be outdated, which can affect the overall user experience. They believe it could benefit from a more modern look.

Users have noted minimal updates post-COVID that don't significantly improve the interface to align with current standards. They expected more enhancements to match the product with the 2020s.

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  • Third Party Booking
  • Usage Analytics
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