Benefitsolver is a benefits administration platform that offers personalized, year-round benefits management solutions, including AI-driven tools and configurable features, supported by a strong commitment to security and compliance.

What are the 5 key elements that define Benefitsolver?

It offers a Self Service Portal, HIPAA-compliant data security, Deduction Management, an Employee Database, and COBRA Administration to streamline benefits administration and enhance data privacy.

Is Benefitsolver the Right Fit for Your HR?

It optimizes benefits program management for medium to large enterprises through automation, data centralization, and analytics, reducing costs and enhancing efficiency. While well-suited for complex needs, it may require initial training and implementation support. TEC's experienced analysts, with 30+ years of expertise, assist in finding customized software solutions. 

Key Features:

  1. Rules-Based system for personalized benefits access.
  2. Single-Source platform to reduce manual processes.
  3. Various tools and services, including MyChoice® Find a Provider, Activation Paths, MyChoice® Accounts, Sofia (virtual benefits assistant), MyChoice® Mobile App, and more.
  4. Compliance and regulations support, including ACA Compliance, QMCSO Administration, COVID-19 Tracker, and more.
  5. Innovation and intelligence through AI and machine learning.

Benefitsolver pricing

Benefitsolver pricing

Benefitsolver features

Benefitsolver features

Benefitsolver reviews

Benefitsolver reviews

Pros & Cons


Clear and straightforward interface for employees to access benefit information.

Good design and regular updates.

Integration of HSA account information with other benefits and payroll.


Problems with the accuracy and eligibility of claims, leading to delays and confusion.

Lack of transparency in fund handling and notifications regarding accounts.

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Benefits Administration Technology Features

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