athenaOne is a comprehensive healthcare solution designed to streamline medical practices by seamlessly integrating Electronic Health Records (EHR), Revenue Cycle Management (RCM), and Patient Engagement services. It empowers healthcare providers to focus on delivering exceptional care while optimizing financial performance.

How does athenaOne work?

athenaOne seamlessly integrates Electronic Health Records (EHR), Revenue Cycle Management (RCM), and Patient Engagement. Physicians use EHR for efficient patient care, athenaCollector automates revenue cycle tasks, and the athenaPatient app empowers patients. The system ensures interoperability, connecting healthcare entities for real-time data exchange. Dedicated customer support and additional services ensure a customized and successful implementation. In essence, athenaOne simplifies healthcare, optimizes finances, and enhances the overall patient and provider experience.

Pros & Cons


Many users appreciate the intuitive design and user-friendly nature of athenaOne, making it easy for both providers and administrative staff to navigate.

The value-based payment model tied to revenue is recognized positively, aligning the success of athenaOne with the financial success of the healthcare practices using it.

The mobile app receives praise for its ease of installation and the added benefit of displaying images of healthcare providers, enhancing the user experience.

Users commend athenaOne for its vast information-sharing capabilities, noting its versatility in supporting various aspects of patient care.


Users report difficulties in running reports, citing a limited number of options for report customization as a drawback.

Some users find tracking authorizations to be challenging within the system, pointing to a potential area for A few reviews that mention a learning curve for new users, suggesting the need for a training curriculum to facilitate a smoother onboarding process.

Criticism is directed at athenaOne's limited understanding of certain specialized areas, such as Physical Therapy/Occupational Therapy and Workers' Compensation billing in Pennsylvania.

A user highlights challenges with the integration of the system by Athena staff who lacked sufficient understanding of the technology, impacting areas like PT/OT and workers' compensation billing.

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  • Clinical Alerts
  • Electronic Prior Authorization
  • EPCS
  • Medication History
  • Patient Safety
  • Pharmacy Options
  • Prescription Management


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