Whenever you plan to establish a business or create a website, which company you choose is very important. In this growing world, a lot of companies offer various dedicated hosting plans with different features.

Here we discuss what Dedicated Server is and why Cantech Networks is an ideal choice to buy Dedicated Server.

About dedicated server hosting

A dedicated server is a type of web hosting in which a consumer has exclusive use of an entire server. They are created specifically to run websites or web applications. A dedicated server gives you complete control over the programs that will run on your website. In a simple way we can say that, A dedicated server is a physical server that dedicates all of the machine's resources to one client.

The server is totally dedicated to you there is no filtration in this. You can use this exclusively.

There are two types of dedicated server web hosting available in the market that are mostly used by many business owners.

1) Managed Dedicated Hosting

The service provider will manage and maintain the responsibilities such as network, operation system, hardware, backup. The customer can contact the service provider for support related issues and queries.

2) Unmanaged Dedicated Hosting

However, in an unmanaged hosting service, it's your responsibility to handle the server, and your web host will not interfere with this. The server will be completely under your control. You can manage the server on your own or hire a team to handle it but the web host will not drop their hands on this until you want them. Some people buy it as they have good knowledge of the technology that helps them to manage it.

Why Should You Choose a Dedicated Server?

One of the most compelling reasons to choose a dedicated server is the unparalleled performance it provides. With a dedicated server, the response time of your website improves which is really good.

Dedicated servers shine in this department by providing exclusive access to all server resources, including CPU, RAM, storage, and bandwidth. 

Often you only have limited resources on a shared server and it is not possible to immediately scale up the resources on your server. You can upgrade hardware components such as CPU, RAM, and storage as your resource demands increase. This scalability ensures that your hosting environment evolves with your business without the need for a complex migration.

Another benefit of having your own physical server is that you can manage it the way you want.

there are no restrictions on what goes on to the server and what doesn’t. you can customize software configurations, operating systems, and other aspects of the server environment to align with your specific needs.

For any website whether large or small data security is really crucial. Dedicated servers offer enhanced single-tenant security, alongside DDoS protection and the flexibility to manage bulk IP resources, ensuring top-tier protection for your data.

Benefit from Cantech Networks continuous remote technical support, with proactive hardware and network monitoring for uninterrupted server performance.

In late 2009, we established our own hosting business, focusing on web space packages tailored for individuals and businesses seeking reliable hosting at competitive prices.

Cantech Networks has steadily grown over the past few years, now standing among the ranks of large-scale companies. This growth was fueled by our customers, leading to our recognition as the Reader's Choice Best Hosting Company in 2013 and 2016.

The most significant aspect is that their dedicated server hosting plans from Centech Networks come with a 99.97 percent uptime guarantee.

At Cantech, the goal is providing an attractive web space package and cutting-edge Dedicated Servers at an attractive price and creative approach. The very best service at the very best price.

Cantech Networks’s Dedicated Hosting Plans

Cantech Networks’s dedicated servers can meet your needs. 

Cantech Networks’s dedicated servers can be set up quickly at Zero Setup Cost, allowing you to get started right away.

The dedicated hosting services provided by Cantech Networks include an Intel CPU, RAM, storage, bandwidth, and a dedicated IP address.

Generally, you will get 2 types of dedicated servers – Linux & windows dedicated server India. Both have mainly 8 plans according to features and requirements. 

The basic plan comes with an Intel E-2236 3.40 GHz (6 Cores, 12 threads) CPU, 32GB of memory, 2x 480 GB SSD, 5TB of bandwidth, 1 Gbps Network, Free Daily Backups, 24/7 Support and 1 dedicated IP address. This basic plan is Rs. 6,700 per month. 

The most advanced plan includes AMD Processors 2.45 GHz (128 Cores, 256 Threads) CPUs, 1024 GB RAM, 2x 7.68 TB NVMe in RAID 1, 10 TB Bandwidth, 1 Gbps Network, 1 Dedicated IP, Free Daily Backups and 24/7 Support. The high-end plan costs you Rs.  90,900 per month.

Cantech Networks’s Dedicated Hosting has the Following Advantages:

Exclusive Access: At Cantech Networks, users Experience the raw power of Indian Dedicated Server. Each server is devoted entirely to users' needs without any virtualization layers, offering complete isolation for users' websites or applications.

Custom Storage Choices: Choose from a wide range of storage options such as NVMe Storage drives, Enterprise SSD drives equipped, all configured with RAID options for maximum data integrity and loss prevention.

In-built Security Assurance: Cantech Network’s servers come with enhanced single-tenant security, alongside DDoS protection and the flexibility to manage bulk IP resources, ensuring top-tier protection for your data.

Diverse Control Panel Select: Cantech provides a variety of control panel options including Plesk, cPanel, Webuzo, Proxmox and Virtualizor for superior management and ease of use.

Robust DDoS Protection: Safeguard your websites, applications, and entire network without compromising on the performance of legitimate traffic.

24/7 Technical Support: Benefit from our continuous remote technical support, with proactive hardware and network monitoring for uninterrupted server performance.

Performance: provide exclusive resources, ensuring high performance and faster loading times. If your website or application requires consistent, robust performance, a dedicated server can be worth it.

To conclude, Cantech Networks offers an Extensive Range of Web Hosting Solutions. As the leading web hosting provider since 2009, Cantech Networks has made the technical aspects of ensuring users website's reliable performance a breeze. With 15 years of experience and 24/7 deployment and website maintenance support, Cantech Networks give you the tools and guidance to build an online presence you can be proud of. 

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