Campus school management software is a vital tool for any administrator or teacher. From managing enrollment to tracking attendance, this software makes it easy to keep track of everything going on in your school. In this blog post, we will explore some of the best school management system Software on the market and why you should consider using it in your school. From online tools to desktop apps, read on to learn more about the benefits of using this type of software.

What Is Campus School Management Software?

CSMS is a computer software application that helps administrators and faculty manage their school's academic and athletic programs. CSMS includes features such as class registration, financial tracking, student information management, and communication tools. Many schools also use CSMS to manage food service, transportation, and staff scheduling.

The most popular version of CSMS is Campus Manager Pro. Campus Manager Pro is available in both free and paid versions. The free version includes all the basic features needed for managing a school, while the paid version adds more advanced features such as online ticket sales and employee tracking. There are other versions of CSMS that are designed for specific types of schools, such as Campus Coach for sports programs or Campus Writer for writing classes.

Some drawbacks of using CSMS include the need to be computer literate in order to use the program effectively and the fact that it can be costly to upgrade to the most advanced version of the software. Overall, though, CSMS is a powerful tool that can help administrators and faculty manage their school's many complicated tasks quickly and easily.

Advantages Of Campus School Management Software?

It can provide enhanced operations and better student tracking capabilities. Here are some advantages of using such software:

1. Increased Efficiency and Accuracy: It can help track students' attendance, grades, and progress. This data can then be used to generate reports that accurately reflect the school's performance.

2. Improved Communication and Collaboration: Administrators can communicate with parents more easily and share important updates regarding their children's educational progress. In addition, the software can facilitate collaboration between teachers and other staff members.

3. Enhanced Control over Resources: It can help administrators monitor classroom resources (such as textbooks) more effectively. This information can then be used to make strategic decisions about which books to purchase and how best to distribute them among classrooms.

4. More Robust Records of School Events: Accurate records of all important events that take place at the school (e.g., parent-teacher conferences). This information can then be used to compile annual reports that showcase the school's performance in specific areas.

5. Greater Flexibility When Managing Schools: It provides a variety of features that allow schools to customize their operations in accordance with their specific needs. For instance, some programs allow administrators to set up custom calendars so that classes adhere to traditional hours throughout the year.

Features Of Campus School Management Software?

1. Provides efficient and complete school management tools to help administrators keep track of their school's academic and logistical operations.

2. Offers a variety of features to enhance student success, including online registration, catalogs, and communication systems.

3. Allows for automated tracking of finances and enrollment data, making it easier to manage budgets and optimize resources.

4. Makes it easy for faculty members to submit course materials and grades electronically, saving time on paperwork processing and creating a paperless educational environment.

5. Provides officials with detailed reports on all aspects of their schools' operations, providing valuable insights into how they can improve student achievement.

Best School Management Software

As schools and educational institutions look for ways to streamline their operations, school management software is becoming an increasingly popular choice. We'll explore the best school management software currently on the market and what features they have to offer. From tracking student attendance to managing class schedules, these programs can make your life as a teacher or administrator much simpler!

1. Schoolknot

Schoolknot is a school administration software that offers a complete solution for managing your school. It provides a centralized platform for managing all your school's administrative tasks, from student and staff data to finances and more.

With Schoolknot, you can easily keep track of your school's performance and progress. The software provides detailed reports and analytics on your school's performance, so you can identify areas of improvement and take action to address them.

It also offers a mobile app, which allows you to manage your school on the go. With the app, you can access your school's data and reports anywhere, anytime.

Overall, Schoolknot is an excellent choice for managing your school effectively and efficiently.

Starting Price: 

  • ₹10 Student/Month
  • Free Trial Available

Schoolknot Reviews:

"This software has made my job as a school administrator so much easier! I can easily track student data, monitor attendance, and communicate with parents. Schoolknot is an essential tool for any school." - David, Preschool Assistant Teacher

"I love Schoolknot! It's so user-friendly and has everything I need to manage my school effectively. Highly recommend!" - Michael, Academic Adviser

"This software has been such a lifesaver for our school! It makes it easy to keep track of everything and keeps us organized. Thank you, Schoolknot!" - Richard, Administrator


MAC EDMS is a school management software that offers a wide range of features to help schools manage their operations. It includes modules for student information, admissions, attendance, grades, and transcripts. It also offers a financial aid module to help schools manage their finances. MAC EDMS is a web-based application that can be accessed from any internet-connected computer.

Starting Price: 

  • Available on Request
  • Free Trial Available

MAC EDMS Reviews:

"I've been using MAC EDMS for a few months now and it's been a great experience. The software is very user-friendly and has all the features we need to manage our school effectively. The customer support has been excellent as well. I would definitely recommend MAC EDMS to any school looking for a good management solution." - Elizabeth, Education Coordinator

"We switched to MAC EDMS last year and it's been working well for us. It's helped us streamline many of our processes and saved us time and money. The only downside is that it can be a bit challenging to learn how to use all the features, but once you get the hang of it, it's really not that bad." - Linda, Assistant Professor

"I'm not sure if MAC EDMS is worth the price tag. We've been using it for a few months now and while it does have some helpful features, I'm not sure if it's worth the money. I would recommend trying out the free  trial first before making a decision." - Thomas, Guidance Counselor

3. Campus 365

Campus 365 is a school management software that helps you manage all aspects of your school, from students and staff to finances and operations. It’s a comprehensive solution that offers a wide range of features and tools to make your job easier.

Some of the key features of Campus 365 include:

Student management: Keep track of your students’ information, grades, attendance, and more.

Staff management: Manage your staff members’ information, roles, and schedules.

Finance management: Track your school’s finances and budget.

Operation management: Manage your school’s operations, including facilities and transportation.

Campus 365 is a cloud-based software, so it’s accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. It’s also available in multiple languages, so you can use it no matter where in the world you are.

Starting Price:

  •  ₹0 Forever
  • Free Trial Available

Campus 365 Reviews:

“We've been using Campus 365 for about a year now and it has definitely made our lives easier. The online registration system has saved us a lot of time and paperwork, and we love being able to see all of our students' information in one place. Highly recommend!”- Betty, Education Technician

“As a teacher, I really appreciate how easy it is to use Campus 365 to keep track of my students' progress. I can quickly pull up any student's grades, attendance, and test scores in one place, which makes it much simpler to identify areas where they may need extra help. Great tool!” - Steven, Preschool Group Leader

"Our school just switched to Campus 365 this year and so far we're very happy with it! It's been a huge help in getting everything organized and keeping track of all our students' data. Definitely worth the investment."- Joshua, School Administrator

4. School Canvas (Formerly Parentsalarm)

School Canvas is a school management software that was formerly known as Parentsalarm. The software is designed to help schools manage their operations more efficiently. It provides a central platform for managing school data, communicating with parents and guardians, and tracking student progress.

The software includes a variety of features that make it easy to use and effective at managing school operations. These features include:

- A centralized database for storing all school data

- A communication system for sending messages to parents and guardians

- A student progress tracking system

- A calendar system for scheduling events and tracking deadlines

- A document management system for storing and sharing documents

Starting Price: 

  • Available on Request
  • Free Trial Available

School Canvas Reviews:

“School Canvas has completely transformed the way we manage our school. It’s so easy to use and has saved us so much time and money.” Edward, Teaching Assistant

“I highly recommend School Canvas to any school looking for a top-notch administration software solution. It has made our lives so much easier!” - Kathleen, Assistant Dean

“If you want a top-quality school administration software platform, look no further than School Canvas! It has everything you need and more. We are very happy with it.” - Timothy, Special Education Assistant

5. Entab

It is one of the most popular and widely used school management software. It has been developed by a team of experts with years of experience in the field of education. Entab provides a complete solution for managing schools and colleges. It is a web-based application that can be accessed from any device with an internet connection.

Entab school management software offers a wide range of features that help educators to manage their schools effectively. Some of the key features include student information management, timetable management, fee management, online examination, library management, transportation management, and hostel management. Entab also provides a mobile app for teachers and students which makes it easier to access the software from anywhere.

With Entab school management software, educators can easily track the progress of their students and identify areas where they need improvement. The software also allows educators to communicate with parents and guardians about their child's performance. Entab is constantly improving its features and functionality to provide the best possible experience for users.

Starting Price: 

  • Available on Request
  • Free Trial Available

Entab Reviews:

"I've been using Entab for about a year now and I absolutely love it! It has helped me keep track of my students' progress, communicate with parents, and manage my classroom more effectively. The customer service is also excellent. They are always quick to respond to any questions or concerns I have." - Jonathan, Assistant Professor

“I switched to Entab last year and I'm so glad I did! It's user-friendly and has all the features I need to manage my school efficiently. Plus, the price is very reasonable compared to other similar software.” - Pamela, Education Specialist

"As a parent, I really appreciate how Entab keeps me up-to-date on my child's homework assignments, grades, and attendance. It's also nice to be able to easily communicate with his teachers through the messaging feature. Overall, this is a great tool for both parents and educators." - Brandon, Instructional Assistant

6. Fedena

Fedena is a school management software that enables schools to manage their academic and administrative processes effectively. It covers all aspects of school management, from student admission and registration to evaluation and assessment.

It also provides a complete accounting solution for schools, with features like fee management, invoicing, and payment gateway integration. It offers a wide range of reports and analytics tools to help schools track their performance and improve their operations.

This software is developed by Foradian Technologies, a leading provider of education technology solutions. Foradian has been powering some of the world's most prestigious educational institutions with its innovative products and services.

Starting Price: 

  • Available on Request
  • Free Trial Available

Fedena Reviews:

“Fedena has helped us reduce our administrative workload significantly. The online fee payment and registration modules have been a huge hit with parents, and we’ve been able to streamline a lot of our internal processes thanks to the software. Highly recommend!” - Gregory, School Counselor

“We were using a different school management software before switching to Fedena, and the difference is night and day. Fedena is so much more user-friendly and efficient, and we’ve never had any issues with it. It’s definitely worth the investment!” - Carolyn, Adjunct Professor

“ I really appreciate how Fedena makes it easy to keep track of students’ grades and attendance. I also love the parent communication features – it makes staying in touch with parents so much simpler. Overall, an excellent school management solution!” - Nathan, Assistant Coach

7. Academics

Academics is the best school management software because it is user-friendly, offers a variety of features, and is affordable.

User-Friendly: Academics is easy to use. You don’t need any special training to use it. The interface is simple and straightforward. This makes it easy for teachers and administrators to use the program. 

Features: Academics offers a variety of features that make it the best choice for schools. It includes a gradebook, attendance tracking, scheduling, and more. This makes it easy to track student progress and manage the day-to-day operations of your school.

Affordable: Academics is an affordable option for schools. It’s priced competitively with other school management software programs. This makes it a great value for your money.

Starting Price: 

  • Available on Request
  • Free Trial Available

Academics Reviews:

"Academics has completely changed the way our school runs! It has made communication and organization so much easier and more efficient." - Zachary, Assistant Registrar

"This software is amazing! It has everything we need to keep our school running smoothly. The support is also great - they are always quick to respond to any questions we have." - Hannah, Superintendent of Schools

" Academics has been an invaluable asset to our school. It has basically taken care of all our administrative tasks and freed up more time for teachers to focus on teaching. Highly recommend!" - Lauren, Education Technician


ORATARO offers a comprehensive solution for managing all aspects of a school, from finances and administration to student records and class schedules.

ORATARO is easy to use and helps schools run more efficiently. With ORATARO, administrators can track budgets, monitor attendance, and manage staff schedules. Teachers can use ORATARO to create lesson plans, track student progress, and communicate with parents. 

ORATARO is also affordable, with pricing plans that scale according to the needs of each school. This makes it a great option for small schools or districts with limited budgets. 

Overall, ORATARO is the best school management software available. It is easy to use, affordable, and offers a comprehensive solution for managing all aspects of a school. 

Starting Price: 

  • Available on Request
  • Free Trial Available

ORATARO Reviews:

"I've been using ORATARO for a few months now and it's made my job as a school administrator so much easier. The interface is user-friendly and the features are exactly what I need. Highly recommend!"- Christina, Principal

"ORATARO is an excellent school administration tool. It has helped me keep track of student data and progress, as well as communicate with parents more effectively. Would definitely recommend!" - Keith, School Administrator

“I love ORATARO! It's helped me stay organized and on top of everything that's going on at school. It's also really helpful for communicating with parents. Definitely worth checking out!” - Terry, Substitute Teacher

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