Baadshah Broking Trust Score: 10 Out of 100.

Please contact their support before buying anything and read Baadshah Broking reviews.

Baadshah Broking is a stock brokerage platform, they make Facebook and Instagram reels and tell people to sign up on their platform. They charge 99 INR fee while signup. As it is very small, lot of people sign up with 99 INR fee. Once you signup, they don't show any stocks recommendation and ask you to buy more packages. Here people have problem. In 99 INR, You will get get nothing. If someone needs to invest 10,000 or more in any set of shares. Most of people will prefer some big brands like Zerodha, Angel Broking, ICICIdirect and more.

If you like to spend 10,000 or more, you would like to know more about the company.

We have checked their Google review and found 3.4 Google rating out of 164 reviews on 23 June 2023.

On 06, Nov 2023, I tried to review Baadshah Broking Limited review again and found 3.5 star rating. You must read others review. Ravi Gupta said “Scam, you pay Rs 99 to see another payment QR for Rs 8000”.

Baadshah Broking Login Or Sign Up

When you visit Baadshah Broking Official Site, You will be navigated to this page.

Accept the TERM AND CONDITION, And move to the next step.

Then on a right upper corner of the pageyou will find this yellow icon, click on it to sign up or login to Baadshah Broking Dashboard.


Baadshah Broking Dashboard

Bingo! You are now see the Baadshah Broking Dashboard.

Baadshah Broking Dashboard

As you can see I have Highlighted it with the Red. Just click on it if you get confuse, it till bring back you to the Baadshah Broking Dashboard.

When you'll go to the PRE-IPO there you will find the STOCK NAME, but problem is they don't reveal the name properly, And that's the biggest drawback they have.

In the Research List, they don't provide stock list properly, and only show you the category.

When you'll scroll down the Dashboard's Page you'll see they have given their 3 main Official Link of FACEBOOK, YOUTUBE AND INSTAGRAM.

At the bottom of the Baadshah Broking Dashboard, you'll find Support through Whatsapp as well as Calling.


Why you cannot Trust Baadshah Broking

1. Checkout their office address in Google places. In below image, you may see their location.

2. In Instagram and Facebook videos, they don't give comment option.

3. Read their Google reviews.


4. Baadshah Broking Glassdoor's reviews, they have 3.5 star rating.

5. They don't reply to their support email ([email protected]) or phone call +91 7982945396.

6. Phone number mentioned under their refund policy does not exist.

7. If you go to their website home page or dashboard, under section “Our Latest Transaction”, last transaction on 5 October 2021 and amount is ₹ 7,00,00,000. It is not looking real.

8. They have hidden their whois information, so no one can contact them or get details.

9. Their address does not exist, they have given a generic address: Share Bazaar Chowk, BA Block, Gurunanak Pura, Janakpuri, Delhi, 110058

Is Badshah broking real or fake?

Fake, by looking at their Google and Glassdoor's reviews, Baadshah Broking does not look like a genuine website.

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Feb 10, 2024

Badshah Broking is a scammer I would say, he charges 99 rs for 2 to 3 common stocks which are quite popular and it's App is again a big fake application as it never gets open. My request to All User who watches his video and gets inspired, please don't pay hom single penny and u follow him from everwhere.



Jan 18, 2024

It's important to be cautious when dealing with online platforms and offers that seem too good to be true. Here are some points I would like to mention. 1. False promises: In youtube video, the person claimed that joining their dashboard for only 99 rupees would give you stock recommendations, but when I paid and accessed the dashboard, there were no recommendations available. 2. Hidden costs: Instead of providing the promised stock recommendations, they asked for an additional 7713 rupees to access a list of stocks related to Evs, 7613 rupees to get list of Solar, 7513 rupees to get list of Stocks related to AI and 18713 rupees to get list of complete portfolio. This unexpected request for more money can be a red flag. 3. Lack of transparency: The person didn't clearly communicate the full cost or the absence of stock recommendations upfront, which can lead to disappointment and wasted money. 4. Deceptive tactics: It seems like they may have used misleading tactics to lure people in with a low initial fee, only to ask for more money later. This can be seen as a dishonest practice.


Vishnu Pawar

Jan 9, 2024

Fraud hai badshah broking Pahle 5k invest karne ko bolte hai fir 15 k milega 45 minutes me fir 5k pay karne ke baad bolte hai. Aapka 10k me invest huwa hai aur aapko 40k milega aur 5k transfer kar do asia bolte hai Mere pass proof hai



Jan 5, 2024

I don't know whether it's fake or real but I logged in to their dashboard and I found nothing 2-3 stock and if you want to know more then you have to buy their packages of ev, solar etc., those stocks you already know. I request you, do not buy their Dashboard. They have provided more information on YouTube and Instagram than dashboard.

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